If you don’t know it, I run a Computer and Games shop called Satalyte (yes, that is a free plug for the business – and probably not the last either) in a little town named Donald in regional Victoria (Australia).

I have a certain demeanour about me that I think adds a character to the shop and has lots of people coming back in just to see what quip I’m going to come up with next.

So it makes me wonder – am I a Bernard Black wannabe?  If you don’t know the name, you will need to acquaint yourself with a great little British show called Black Books.  Whilst I may not drink during business hours, I do seem to be able to insult and cajole my customers in much the same way.

The funny thing I have noticed is that they really enjoy being stirred in this fashion.  It does make them come back in to the store just to find out what I’ll say next.  It’s like some long running serial but doled out one joke or insult at a time.

In fact, right now, as I type this, we have one of our regulars in the shop who has come in for the sheer fact that he knows that I will say something to him that will make us all laugh.  The great news is that he buys stuff as well.

But I think I enjoy the persona, though it can be lots of work sometimes.  It is a way to have fun with them and poking fun at myself in a fashion.  It passes the hours well.

Do you know of any shop owners that have a personality that drives their shop?