I find myself a bit short on inspiration this month (so far). That is a bit tough to deal with when I know that I should be finishing the book, and even tougher when the next one was pushing through. Then, sometimes I wonder, whether the stories take time off from me.

It allows them to mutate, grow and generally become a better product, and when it comes time to write them I will not have to think about it quite as much. The words are already there in the deep, dark recesses and will just fall out when I finally put pen to paper. You see, writing is a funny thing. There is little conscious effort in it, but it is something that needs to be done. The words come from somewhere, and these people that run around your head need their stories to be told.

But that leads me to the big question. Where does it all come from? Where do the words, people, places that are in my brain come from? Why do they want to be told by me? What am I going to do with them? Do they need time off from me as much as I need time off from them?

Then again, given the time of year and Christmas just around the corner, I wonder (yet again) whether it just the time for a switch off of the creative and just keep going to run the shop. I have lots of hope that this Christmas period will be better than last year, and maybe that is where my energy is going. That and all the other events that we must do, volunteer to do and want to do.

Maybe we ask too much of ourselves at the best of times and maybe sometimes we don’t listen to what our brains and bodies are trying to tell us. So it deserts us until we find the space, or it decides that we are able to deal with it all again.

I don’t know really, but for now I will stick with this simple philosophy!!