There are two new words in my vocabulary since my post of Two Lost Boys – parental alienation. I find that I fall into this category now that I have read some other blogs around the subject. I have realised I am not alone in my predicament, but to just read some of these other stories of where one parent has forcibly denied any real access to the children for the other parent is cruel, utterly cruel.

Here is a link to one such story.

The Lost Promise of Fatherhood. Please Read More

As I said there are many. In fact, there are really too bloody many people that have been robbed of the promise of fatherhood or motherhood, but this one touched me as I could see that this is where my life would have gone. The mother would have badgered, bullied and manipulated the two boys into seeing me as the enemy.

I do not feel a kinship around this subject as I have never broached the topic on such a scale before, but I have a feeling that there is a world of support out there. I just need to open my mind, heart and arms to them and I will find acceptance.