Lately, and I suppose it ties in with lacking inspiration, I find myself getting more and more tired. It’s the season to run ourselves ragged. Ho, ho, ho.

But then I compare tired to being bored with life. I know why I am tired and I enjoy the idea and concept of being tired because I make myself tired. I work hard in the shop. I have a family. We do lots of driving and go lots of different places.

One thing I cannot claim to is being bored. Well I can sometimes. The town we live in not big enough sometimes and both my wife and I struggle finding something to do when we do finally stop for a while.

But in saying that I find that I really do enjoy my life. It is one of own making now and suits me quite well. We even have plans of making ourselves busier but that is another blog.

I am tired but not tired of life. In fact it is a fascinating experience to finally enjoy it to the level that I do. Don’t get me wrong – not everything is rosy every day. When M and I disagree we disagree loud but we disagree with gusto, excitement and passion.

She has shown me how to have passion in my life for so many different things at once.

It’s part of my new and wonderful life. Everything is done with gusto and passion. It is tiring but so much more fun than I am used to from my previous life. I would not give It up for anything.