There has been a point in my life where I lost everything, but then again I lost nothing. All I really lost was all my material possessions. It left me in a place where I could concentrate on the real issue in my life – me.

It took me a lot of time, years in fact, to get to a better place. But there was one person in my life that was there through every bad day, each day of tears; of anger; of suicidal tendencies, that has also lived through this with me.

She took me under her wing; in her arms; into her heart, and let me have my time and space. She was there when I fell. She was there when I yelled. She was there. She is still there. I am proud to say she is my wife.

In losing every material possession is a relief. It leaves you nothing except the bare necessities that you really need to move through each day. It gave me space in my head and heart to find something that I had lost a long time before any of it. My ability to love.

I have nothing, but I have everything. Life, love and a beautiful wife. Is there any more that we really need?