I know this topic has been hashed and rehashed about a million times in a million different blogs. I know we all have our own version of the truth. I know we all get up in arms when we hear a differwent version of the truth. So I thought I would throw in my ‘truths’ about it.

So my question is: how can you tell which is the right version of the truth? We can hear different stories surrounding the same event from eye witnesses and I would guarantee that each one would tell a different story – or a different truth of the events. Which one is wrong? Which one is right?

My ex-wife has had an immense amount of fun over the last couple of years spouting her version of the truth of our marriage and circumstances involving our breakup, which I believe is about 98% fundamentally wrong. If I were to tell my version of the events, would that make the world a better place? Would it even up the injustices that have been done to my name? Would the slander and libel go away?

Or would I be just another virtual mouth just blabbing about whatever the hell I want? Why would you believe my version of the events over hers? Would hers be more real because she has been doing this longer? Why would you want to even get involved?

A version of the truth, or at least my version of the truth, is known by the people that I now trust, support and love. They know the real story, and that story does not need to be vindicated by lots of other busy bodies wanting to believe that their life is as bad as someone else’s.

My history, and the truth of it, are mine to share with people when I feel ready to do so. When and if I do share these details, I will not point fingers. I will accept blame. I accept the events that happened. I accept the outcomes from the events that happened. I have paid my price.

I have moved on. I like the idea of moving on. I have remarried and have a new family. This does not preclude my missing my boys every day. It will not make the pain go away. But then I think that, if you have read my blog, you will already know this.

So how do we tell truth from truth and lie from lie? Can somebody give me some ideas please.