All of the family are packed into my little car and we are on the road again. This time for a wedding. The amazing thing about this wedding for us is that it is 800 kilometers away. By the way the number is not wrong – I did say eight hundred.

Our best option for getting there was a lazy 8 to 10 hour drive. Whilst most people would fall over at the thought of driving that long with kids in the car we, as a family, revel in it.

Our children, aged 8 and 6, can spot a bird of prey in a tree from a hundred meters away. I am not kidding.

The greatest thing about traveling by car, especially when you leave yourselves the time, is the amazing stuff you see. After five hours we have seen an incredible number of kites, hawks and eagles. As well as some emus, kookaburras and a landscape that is forever changing in front of our eyes.

Australia is just unique and beautiful. You just got to get out there and look at it. Don’t go to the capital cities – its boring. Go bush and see a world that you would normally miss.