A wedding can be such a life-affirming event. The whole thing of two people committing their lives to each other forever if they can manage it. It is an innately beautiful thing to witness and reminds me of the vows I made to my beautiful wife and how I intend to keep them forever (if I live that long). If that is not enough to inspire you, then imagine travelling across the country that you live in, to see wildlife that you not normally see.

To view this special occasion, we needed to drive over 800 kilometres through scrub and salt marshes – all flat as the eye can see. But if that sounds boring, then all you need to do is look. The wedged tailed eagles, kites, kestrals all flying around as we invade their territory for that brief moment, as we must just look like prey to them (especially those eagles!!).

We arrive in the pretty town of Yass, in New South Wales, with a day to spare. This allowed us to investigate our new, and instant, neighbourhood. We felt welcomed and at home in this place. Lots of photos of which I may post a couple.

But the next day was the big event. After a beautiful and intimate service, I met new people for all over the world (including East Timor, Vancouver and Egypt). Exciting and intense people. Drunk and fun people. All the elements that make up a great day. All four of us had a ball.

But I found that it reminded me of how, each day on lots of little ways, how I mistreat the people in my life that make my life such a fascinating thing to live. It reminds me that a union, even one such as marriage, is made up of little bits of give and take. Each person giving as much as they can as they can and for their requited loved one to take. If all goes accordingly, there is an even balance between the two. I suppose that is what makes our world go around.

Knowing myself (as I do), I know that I am failing my wonderful better half, which, as I type it, is something of a wake-up call. I am overly selfish, rude and I grumble a lot. But if this is the union that I wished for, should I not be more grateful?

This is the failing on my behalf. I need to do better to show these people that I really do love them. And I do.

So here is my solemn promise: from this day forth I will treat the people in my life better.