So endeth the month of Movember, in which I grew a moustache that I nicknamed the Octopus. The first thing that everybody seems to notice about my octopus mo is that it only has six legs, and not eight. The element that has surprised me is how thick it has grown in just a month.

Owning our own business and having a shopfront allows us to do stunts like this without it affecting our world too much. To also think that I am raising money for worthy causes makes it an easy decision to join in. This year’s effort was just $305, but it was money they did not have before. I would have like to make more money but that is the way it goes. Apart from that it has been a lot of fun to see the reactions to the moustache, but also when I shaved off my beard that I had worked on for a year or so.

Here is some photos from my wife’s blog of me with the beard.


I got told I only looked about 40!! One customer, lucky to still be alive, thought that I was 50 before removing the beard. Many of our customenrs walked in and almost asked me where I was. Great laughs.

This is not the first time that I have done Movember or the World’s Greatest Shave. I had my head shaved only 30 days before our wedding. Surprisely (not so surprisely to me) my wife did not argue with it at all. She is a free spirit that believes what will happen will happen. All in all, it’s great fun and easy to do.