I just found this, so I thought that I would share it!! So here goes:

Some Random Story Bit

Awake at 3am, I realise I feel like a person in a sanitarium who has just realised that his life is not his own. That the life he was leading was due to some dream state; that when he finally wakes up, he will find himself behind the bars again, trying to reimagine the dream that he had just woken from.

The footsteps and voices are there – just outside the door – doing their rounds, unaware that I am in some flux state. Or perhaps they know. Perhaps there is a reason why I feel like this. Perhaps I am unconscious and this is the closest I get to waking.

If this is true, what happened to me to get me here?

At 4 in the morning, I can not sort fact from fiction or delusion from illusion. Maybe it is just drug delusion. I do not know, and I do not know who can tell me. A little boy lost at sea – with no paddle and no compass.

Would I burn if I stuck my hand in the fire? Would that wake me up? Would it make any difference at all?