Ghosts, whether it be lost friends or even lost enemies, are remnants of a lived life. As we pass through this life, we collect them. Sometimes we try to not lose people important to us, so that we do not have any. Sometimes there are so many ghosts they could fill a house. Most of the time, we do not have a real choice. Situations occur every day that will eventually influence how many ghosts we collect.

So most of the time, the collecting of ghosts it is unintentional, but sometimes there is a real reason to create a ghost. Someone that has caused you so much pain that the only real answer is to forcibly remove them from your life through whatever method is possible (short of killing them!).

I have ghosts in my life. They usually remain hidden and uneventful. I have made peace with many of them over the years and they remain happy to leave me alone. Whether they still be ghosts or just remnants of a lost history is unknown to me.

I suppose that I have one big ghost that haunts me still. This ghost is a relatively new one, but not new to me as an individual as I knew them for some twenty years. Now she holds back from me two other ghosts that I would welcome back into my life. They have become ghosts to me, as they are no more than figments of a tortured imagination these days. Maybe one day….

From time to time ghosts re-appear to haunt our lives. One such occurence has just happened to us. After months of absolutely no contact, my wife gets a message on her blog. My wife’s blog is a happy place with lots of fine memories of people, places and animals that we have encountered in our short time together.

I was suddenly striken by how easily it is for these ghosts to infiltrate our new life with insinuations that her life is now broken because of us. As I stated earlier, I knew this ghost when it was physical and I have first-hand knowledge that she was (and still is) broken for quite some time. She has even claimed as much as a comment to a blog post.

In the movies, they have exorcists to deal with haunted houses. You remember the scenes when the priest wonders in with his little shaker of holy water, spilling a bit here and a bit there until they declare all ghosts gone.

In real life though, how do we really and finally deal with the ghosts that continue to haunt our souls?