Recently my wife and I hired a campervan for a week almost on a whim. Our kids were very disappointed when we told them that it was only a two berther, so much so that Summer almost cried on the spot. You see they have the same travlling bug that we do, but this week was just for us to recapture our excitement (though our excitement never really disappears).

Van Away

Here’s a bit of a free plug for Britz!

It was an excuse for us to travel around Victoria and just stop wherever we liked to look at whatever we liked. A chance to commune with the flora and fauna, wild and wilderness, sun and surf.

There is a real freedom to being to able to drive from place to place without a care in the world. The whole thing of looking at your lovely partner and going ‘what do you think about stopping here for the night?’.

One night we stopped in Philip Island and found wombats walking around our feet. They didn’t want to talk to us. In fact it was quite the opposite. We were in their way but they were not going to go around us. The indiginity of such a thought. At one point the whole camper van shook violently for about fifteen seconds. We thought we’d landed in the middle of a thunder storm or some wild bit of nature’s weather only to find that a wombat had decided the whole van was in its way!

So instead of going around, it went under. The camper van was not small but this wombat was big enough that as it walked its back was rubbing or catching on the under carriage. We bolted out of the van expecting belting wind and rain only to see this bloody wombat walking away without a care. To this day, I think we are still amazed by it and still lught at the throught.

Next morning was a chilly one, but that wasn’t going to stop these two intrepid travellers. The birds must have liked the idea of us being there, as they swamped the van as soon as we stepped out. It was breakfast time and they knew food when they smelt it.

A Crimson Rosella in the Hand

Having the wildlife visit you and eating out of your hand.

They were incredibly friendly and took a liking to us. It probably helped that they were eating our pancakes! By the end of it, my wife was calling me the bird man of Philip Island. They were every where. On my head, hands, arms, shoulders. Anywhere they could find a perch. All I was was a walking tree!
Morning chortle with Rosella

Apart from the wildlife, of which there is an abundance to look at, there is the scenery. Magnificent rivers, incredible mountains and beautiful views. All of them not too hard to walk to either. Take a picnic lunch and find yourself your own little piece of nature to bask in.

On the Edge