I have been wondering lately whether I believe in God or not. I had believed that I believe, which has changed my life for the better.

But last night my wife and I watched a film called Dogma. It was one we had both watched years before but had decided to watch again.

This time though it stuck how much I want to believe. Even though we are not regular church goers we all want to believe that there is someone up there watching over us.

As of late I have little doubt of the fact. My life was disastrous but since starting to believe I have been blessed.

Having faith in something is so much better than having no faith in a faithless world.

The real reason I am writing is because, whilst in the shower, I realized that Dogma is ‘am God’ backwards.

Then it made me wonder whether I am God. There is no other word that you can put in front of it. Not we or he or she. Does that mean that I am really a part of God?