Do You Believe?

I have been wondering lately whether I believe in God or not. I had believed that I believe, which has changed my life for the better.

But last night my wife and I watched a film called Dogma. It was one we had both watched years before but had decided to watch again.

This time though it stuck how much I want to believe. Even though we are not regular church goers we all want to believe that there is someone up there watching over us.

As of late I have little doubt of the fact. My life was disastrous but since starting to believe I have been blessed.

Having faith in something is so much better than having no faith in a faithless world.

The real reason I am writing is because, whilst in the shower, I realized that Dogma is ‘am God’ backwards.

Then it made me wonder whether I am God. There is no other word that you can put in front of it. Not we or he or she. Does that mean that I am really a part of God?

4 thoughts on “Do You Believe?

  1. Just as a child is a part of their biological mother and father, so we come from God and are in that way a part of him – but at the same time we are not him, for like a child is an individual in their own right, so are we. But we want to be all the good things our heavenly father is. For this example we go to Jesus, who teaches us how to live as God’s children in human form on this earth.

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