Fly Like An Eagle

In every life we have an opportunity to either paddle with the ducks or fly like an eagle. It is a conscious choice we have to make. There is a decision we need to contemplate when doing this grand adventure.

It is a matter of choice on the way you choose to live your life. Duck, duck, duck and eventually be a goose. Or fly, fly, fly and be free like the eagles. Live a life as free as the birds that fly over our head every day. Choose not to let the material things tie us down. Choose not to let the work things get in the way. Do what we need to, but when we do not have to do that, LIVE.

Fly like an Eagle
Fly Like An Eagle

To give you an example of what it looks like to be free and fly like an eagle I have included some of my wife’s incredible birds of prey photos from a blog post of hers called For the Birds (of prey).

It is up to the individual whether they give up of their lives and settle for mediocrity. It is up to the individual to live or not to live. I have decided to stop hiding from my life. I have decided to take chances. I have decided to live this life as completely as possible.

I am going to fly like an eagle every day that I can.

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