Recently I became a backer for a new project called ‘Lunatics’. It was done through an incredibly innovative website called Kickstarter. Its mission is to find “A new way to Fund & Follow Creativity” by allowing people to invest in projects.

I invested in one. It is exciting to watch this project move along through pre-production and conceptual art. Lunatics Web Series is about the first people to go to the Moon in an attempt to colonise it.

Here I am going to borrow heavily fromn the Lunatics Kickstarter page.

“Somebody Has To Be Crazy Enough to Go First”

Lunatics is a concept we (Rosalyn Hunter and Terry Hancock) first had about 10 years ago at a space conference (the International Space Development Conference) when we asked ourselves this question: if the Moon were colonized not by corporations or by governments but by a grassroots organization of the same people who today are space fanatics — as seems likely to happen — what will that look like? (“Lunatics” is a tongue-in-cheek label for space advocates who promote the Moon as a target for settlement, as opposed to Mars, Near Earth Asteroids, L5 Station, or some other vision of space development).

Please check it out. Whilst your there, look at sme of the other projects there. Maybe you will find one that catches your attention. Lunatics did that to me.