On numerous photo trips to local rivers and lakes we found ourselves always surrounded by birds of all sorts – ducks, eagles, kites etc. But one insect more than any other always seems to find us – dragonflies. As a bit of a joke I collectively named them Doug.

So everywhere we went we found Doug following us. Always a Doug to find and photograph. The kids would yell ‘There’s Doug’ and we would look around to find another bunch of them flitting around in the reeds beside the lake, pond or river that we were at. They hovered near us and on the odd occasion we got some great photos. They are flighty and quick and most difficult to capture with a camera.

But trying to photograph these intricate insects has taught us patience. You need to wait, minimize your movements and hope they don’t notice you long enough so that you get that perfect shot. Here is the photo of one landing on my finger.


But tonight my wife found a dead dragonfly. All that was left was a husk. You could see that there was no life left in it as it had dried and was delicate. It reminded me of how short life really is. A dragonfly’s life is measured in weeks if not only days.

Then I thought am I making the most of every day? Am I like the dragonfly and enjoy every day, every chance I get? Do I get out there and find a way to make my day (and life) better each and every single day?

Do I live my life to the fullest or do I let the ordinary stuff get in the way? Long live the dragonfly.