Whilst we all proclaim we are happy, I find it difficult to sustain happiness. It appears that every emotion needs to be used in moderation, and as much as I want to be happy all the time it appears that I struggle to do it.

My life is good now. In fact very good now. We own our little shop that does okay, we have lots of regular visitors that like our shop and we have a great base to start from when we think about expanding. That is in comparison to just a few years ago where I felt trapped, lonely and alone.

Even knowing all this, I still have moments where I am angry, upset, sad and so on and so forth. This life is not difficult, but it offers us lots of choices to make. Some of these choices do not come through, which changes our mind and mood. Sometimes they do, and we feel the highs of those times.

There is something happening to us as a family. The longer it takes for it to come into fruition, the more I find I struggle with the days in between.

I have decided that, when it comes to being happy, I want to be like a child. Children have no compunction or compulsion to want to be sad. They spend their new lives looking for every excuse to be happy; to have fun; to enjoy themselves.

winter blossoms

This sounds like the ultimate way to live life. Find every excuse to be happy. That would sustain my happiness.