In this mucked up, muddled up world where we are always running from here to there in the pursuit of whatever it is that we are after, we forget to do one thing. We think that all this running around will get us to that place that we are so deperating seeking, but I doubt whether it really does.

I used to be this way. Chasing after money trying to increase my material status upon the world; trying to show people how much better my life is by the amount of stuff I’ve got. Trying to show parents and so-called friends that my stuff is better than their stuff; that my kids are smarter than their kids. But then I learnt a real lesson about life.

After getting tired of chasing status, I looked around and realised what that one thing that I had been missing really was. I looked around to see that there was no value – to me personally – to have so much stuff. Then it occured to me about what had happened. I have forgotten to breathe; to breathe in deep the life that I have; the life that I want; the life that will be.

And still, after learning this lesson, I find that I forget to stop for a while and do the ultimately critical thing in my life and for myself. I still forget to breathe. I forget to stop and breathe and think about ‘nothing’. Or more to the point of trying to get so relaxed that I feel that I do not need to think.

So tomorrow I am declaring “The Day of Breathing”. Stop your life for just one day and breathe. Go out, look up at the sky and see the birds, clouds and the sun and breathe deep. Go to your local lake and watch the water, ducks and the children enjoying their existence. Remember that you are allowed to enjoy yours too.

I am the first convertee. Tomorrow my family and I will do something relaxing. We will let the kids run amok. We will stare at clouds. We will kiss each other with innocent little pecks and enjoy each other’s company. We will hug our kids at random moments for no better reason that because they are alive and that we can. We will breathe deeply.

Let me know if you have your own “Day of Breathing” and how you felt afterwards. Please.