Recently, there was a young boy we know from our town that was in a very serious accident involving a lawn mower. The end result is that he lost most of his foot and spent almost a month in hospital for multiple surgeries.

Today his mother dropped in. Both my wife and I had been waiting to see her to just wish them all well. The first thing I noticed was how tired she was, but also how well she seemed to be. It has been a difficult time for that family but, as with all things, there is an end to the tragedy.

After trying to blame everybody else, he has now reached the point that he believes that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He now remembers that he was told to go to Mum but failed to listen. I know all children need to learn this leason, but for this boy he paid a heavy price to learn it.

I understand that God has a plan for us, and this is part of his now. We wish him the speediest of recoveries and that he finds a normality in his new life.

The little boy is back home now and for the first time since the accident, he went to kinder. His mother was so proud of him. It was so evident in her face that she almost beamed.

It reminds me of the strength and resilience that children have that we fail to recognise sometimes. It makes me hope and think that my children will show a similar strength to look for me that one day when they can.