Have you lived in the same town for years? Do you recognize the people that live in your block? Do you know any of your neighbours?

We live in a small town (reminiscent of John Mellencamp) and run the local computer and games shop. This means we meet lots of people through natural attrition of computers.

What amazes me is that these people come back in to say hello. They do that because that is what happens in the country. People want to know people.

There are only so many people in a little town. That does not give the biggest base of people to get to know. So I think that people try that little bit harder to be friendly.

A case in point tonight. We went for our semi regular walk around the block to get the last of the kid’s wriggles out and for some exercise. We passed a beautiful house that I had paid a visit to for repair work.

They invited us in and we had a chat for almost an hour. Could you imagine doing that in the city? We may even have a barbecue on the weekend!

This is what I think the city has lost – a little bit of genuine hospitality.

Would ever invite people in that were just passing in front of your house? Does it make a sadder world that we cannot?