I wonder sometimes if I’m going to make 50 years old. Sometimes I wonder if I want to. I’ve have an interested and varied life so far, but it is wearing.

My father was a rugged, robust man that commanded attention wherever he went, which left us children always in the background. I do not think that any of us ever stepped out of his shadow.

We were tagged in a sense by his granduer. Everybody expected great things from all of his children but we were never going to measure up. I think that we all knew that from and early age. That was the most generic reason why all four of us really failed to build individual lives for ourselves.

When the idea came up to visit other planets I would guess that it was instantly unanimous by all to go on an expedition to the stars. The only issue facing us was being joined to the ship and being reduced to one entity. The sum of our parts as it were.

Each sibling was to be joined a specific part of the ship. We would become specialists. Mine was to be navigation. Any prior understanding to a name would become redundant.

My brothers and sisters would become Weapons, Engineering, and Captain. All would be be made by the group with the Captain having final word should there be a situation where one decision was not formed.

This was our way out. No more father. No more father’s shadow. We will finally have a common goal that does not and will not involve him. For that alone we see this opportunity as one that will supply us four with direction.

The stars. That is all we have been told. Journey into the stars to find whatever is to be found. If there is life out there then we, as part of the ship, will find it.

We will refer to ourselves collectively as ship. No capitalisation. No recognition. No individuality.

No identity.