As writers we constantly seek that next bit of inspiration. If it was sold in bottles it would be easy to have a never ending source of the stuff, and would be the best-seller of all products available today I’m sure. I’d hazard a guess that it may even outsell McDonalds!

So here are my three F’s for inspiration. Now you have probably already guessed what they might be, but I haven’t told you yet. So I will!! They are simple but they get me through. They provide me with the life and the muse to continue writing every day.

The first one is my immediates. My family. They are there for me every day that I breathe on this planet, and without them and the experiences we have shared together, I would not be the person I am today. My wife is my muse, and provides and supplies so much to me. She sustains me when I fall. She enjoys the ride when I am flying high. Her family has been one big batch of love and support since I met them. It is an incredible feeling to have family like that in my life.

My mum, the woman who made me, has supported my every move in this life and is still there for me. Every day.

We have been told by many people that we are quirky. So it only stands to reason that the friends we attract to our side are also quirky. But that is the wonderful thing about people. Each and every one is quirky and weird and wonderful in their own way, and I would not be here without them. They make every day a fascinating experience that fuels my brain.

My third F is a relatively new one to me – Faith. During my times of troubles, I felt lost, but I was taken along to church one day by my amazing wife and found the thing that was missing. The belief that someone up there is looking out for me filled my heart with a pureness that I have always struggled to find. Faith is integral.

You need faith in everything you do, whether it be selling stuff or writing (and I used me as an example!), you need faith that you are doing the right thing for yourself and the people around you. I like knowing and believing that that mysterious someone (and I have hesitated in using the “G” word here) is looking out for me. I would have not got through the last two years without this new-found faith.

And the fourth one? This is the one that we sometimes struggle with the most – FUN. We should live life to have fun. If we all did that, then the world would be the most fantastic place.