After posting the story This Is My Home I realised that I had been remiss in not including photos. Just to recap, when we came to Donald, we walked the bed of the Richardson River. The kids said ‘this looks like a river, so where’s the water?’

The Richardson backs onto itself so it creates an island. This island was lost, completely lost, by the time the rains had stopped. The Fish (photo below) lived on the island and most of the time you can even see where the poles went into the ground. It’s a good six feet up.

These were taken by my wife.

I will try to include matching sets of photos to show the difference between the dry and the wet.

Scilley’s Bridge – Dry

Scilley’s Bridge – Wet

Bullock’s Head – Dry

Bullock’s Head – Wet

The Fish – Half Drowned

The road out of town.