It seems to be a new trend but it sounds like one that I want to be involved in. So I have decided to start a personal Project 365. For me that means a blog post every day for 2012. That sounds like a big task considering I have only been blogging for about 6 weeks, but one that intrigues me.

Hopefully I can make posts that have some relevance throughout the year. Interesting, thought provoking, hopefully not too many sad ones. I promise to also keep the ‘I’m missing my boys’ blog entries to a minimum! I hope to remain cheerful and positive this year and I hope that these blog posts will reflect that.

But at worst I will post something! Again, I do want to make the year as positive and as meaningful as possible but if it means that, on the odd occasion, I need to cheat and repost somebody’s else’s then I will. I will borrow lots of my wife’s photos for posts, as I think she is a very good photographer (free plug!!).

The main aim is 365 posts in 365 days. Already it sounds daunting but I am trying to not let it phase me. We all need challenges in life, and I realise that this is a small one given what some people will face but I also think that life will throw lots of challenges that will be tougher than this in my direction in the meantime and during the year.

So onward and upward. This is Project365 Day 1. I will publish Project365 updates, but again I will keep these to a minimum. I will tag these all Project365.

Are you doing any Project365 challenge?