As I watch my sleeping beauty I realize the love I have for this incredible woman. I understand that my life would be very different without her. Very boring. Very non-existent. Without her I would work hard and have very little purpose to it. She helps me realize that life is for living. Live hard, not work hard.

It makes me consider the things she does. For the simple things she has done for me. For the difficult choices she has made for me. For the thousands of little, medium, and big sized choices that has made for me and will make for me. For her choice of choosing me, of being with me now and of being my wife every day of my future days.

She has been, is and will be my rock, my woman, my muse for some years now and my life is a vast improvement on what it was. She supplies and provides kindness, love, happiness and hugs in abundance. She never asks for anything back.

But that is not she gives me. Every day there are smiles, cute little looks, sexy serious looks and lots of laughs. She gives me the faith and belief to believe in myself.

She helps me believe that I can write and that it will make a difference. She completes me and I love her. I thank the mysterious forces in my life that introduced me to my wife.