I have always wanted to be a part of something big – to be able to sponsor, donate, make a difference to people doing creative stuff. Artists have a tough time these days finding funding for worthwhile projects and it is hard to be a philanthropist when you do not have millions of dollars to share around. But still I wanted to make a difference to and with other people making a difference.

That is when I found Kickstarter. Well, actually I found it from a Neil Gaiman tweet for his Kickstarter project. He had one going for his An Evening With tour. It was a great success and amazing to see people sponsoring something like this.

So I had a look around this web site and it is incredible what people are doing creatively these days. You should check it out. There is such a wide variety of projects you are bound to find something to sponsor. Each project has rewards for donating, such as recieving a limited edition hardcover book or hand drawn illustrations or even a usb key that contains schematics for a space station (thanks to Terry Hancock). I have covered this before when I blogged about the Lunatics project, which, I am happy to say, got its funding.

I have now sponsored 3 projects varying from a web animation series to a science fiction book to a comic book ranging in donation value from $10 to $140. It feels exciting to be giving people an opportunity to share their work with the world. With government funding becoming tighter every day, this sounds like the perfect way for everybody to become involved.

It gives each of us a chance to shape the future of entertainment, arts and even electronics. How does that not sound fascinating? I dare you to go there and not find something interesting; something that you think will change the world. I bet there is a donation level in that project that would not hurt your pocket too much either. So why not give it a go!

I know I am waiting for the Australian version so that I can get my writing on Kickstarter.