I was talking to someone the other day as we consumerising in a supermarket and, as they were looking at cheeses with me reaching around for some feta, she said that her family’s tastes ran closer to plebeian. She reached for the coon cheese. This made me wonder as these things often do.

Are we all still plebs to the system? Are we all still just working for the man and watching our lives dribbling away? Have we risen above our stations that we have the choice now? Do we all just work to be part of the system? Does that mean we live to work?

I hope that I work to live. To enjoy life to the fullest within the constraints of the money that we make. That, even if we do not have the money, we still try to enjoy life as much as possible. The beach, a park, a patch of green grass – all free and all freely available for the enjoyment of anyone that wishes to put life on hold for a minute or so.

I hope that we are showing our children this too. You do not need money to enjoy life. Sure it helps to be able to travel but it is not mandatory.

We were in Foster, Victoria and the children were seeing dragons in the waterfall here. That sort of thing cannot be taught or bought. It is the freedom of a young mind.

On a whim we recently drove 450 kilometers just to see some of our family. On another whim we then decided to stay for a week.

I like to think that makes us more than just plebs. I hope to follow my whims for a lot longer yet, enjoying life not regretting it.