In reply to post 365 / 5, the fabulous JMishra suggested the first three elements, being Charlie Hopewell, a broken stop light and a pickup truck. If you like this, please suggest a new element or two by leaving a comment.

And here we go:

365 Story Part 1

The broken stop light continued to flash its deranged sequence even though he had just run over it. Now as it lay on the ground with a newly acquired 45 degree bend, Charlie Hopewell went over to examine the damage.

As he reached the bent piece of metal, the first thing he did was to kick in the light covering. It took a couple of goes but eventually it conceded. Pulling away the remnants of the plastic, he could see the light globe. Yes, he thought, that would be perfect. That will fit very well.

That globe would also have all the right wiring too, he knew. He shambled over to the old pickup truck to retrieve an old hacksaw left in the back. Everything was old about Charlie – his body, his tools, and even his red pickup truck.

But I will change that, thought Charlie. Maybe this will be enough now and I can get it finished. It sure feels like enough.

After removing all the wires from the interior of the pole and an hour of hacking through the metal, Charlie had six large chunks of metal beside him. That will do it, he mumbled.

He drove the pickup truck closer to the debris of what was once a stop light, looked around to make sure no one was looking, hefted it all in the back of the truck and drove home a happy man.