365 / 9: The 365 Story Part 3

Special thanks to CWithNuEyes for the additional elements of cliff and collections. The page The 365 Story – In Development has been updated with Part 2 (and now stands at 704 words).

And here we go:

The 365 Story Part 3

If it was possible to change it back that much. Every day Charlie doubted it, but he pushed on regardless. Something would change. Something had to. A sigh escaped from him when he thought of all the work he had put into this so far. Each day longer that it took, the sicker Irene got and the more the creatures got closer to finding him.

The door of the basement laboratory squealed open, and already Irene was rushing down the stairs. ‘Is everything alright, honey? Did they see you?’

‘Hey love, everything is good. They were there very quickly after I left. I think they know more than I expect. It is not going to be good soon. They almost smell me now. Even with my collection of wards and talismans, they know me. They shouldn’t. That’s what they said,’ as he pointed towards the photo and its mysterious people that talked.

Dropping the protection necklace, he picked the photo. ‘Cliff, you there. Cliff, talk to me. I have the last piece.’

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