It strikes me as funny the way the world communicates today. Just tonight my nephew and I had a word battle using Twitter. It was non-sensical but raged for about half an hour. Names have not been changed therefore not proetcting the innocent and, if you are game, you can look us both up.

I was surpised that both of us did not end up in Twitter Jail for it. We just blurted junk at each other as quickly as our fingers could type on our laptops. To add a sample here would not clarify the conversation but I will do so anyway

It started innocently with my nephew shouting #randomspam at me.
My reply and the rest of the conversation will be twitterised.

Quiet_Noise (that’s me): nephew #spamback
Nephew: @Quiet_Noise @extraspam
Quiet_Noise: nephew #spammityspam
Nephew: @Quiet_Noise #themostbaconspamever
Quiet_Noise: nephew #foreverthespamking
Nephew: @Quiet_Noise #nope
Quiet_Noise: nephew mmmmm, bacon

A conversation between four year olds or drunken mates at the pub, viewed on the world’s biggest platform. Is this really how we expect social media to be used? If so, does anybody out there really care?

Are these ‘tools’ that we have now, being the Facebooks, Twitters and even blogging to an extent, just a way for us to have our say at the world? Our own little soapboxes for us to stand on and yell our opinion at potentially the world’s biggest audience?

So why do we do it?

I see all of these forms of communication the newest and latest method to air our grievances, but maybe also a way to say things that we believe and hope to find people out there, anywhere, that may have the same opinion. I also believe that we all believe we are helping, sharing, caring for each other by providing wisdom, guidance, kind words for the people that have not experienced the same events as me.

I hope that someone can learn from my words, my mistakes, and be thankful that someone cared enough to say it. I use social media to help me.