This is a question for me really. How do I show my love for the special person in my life? I feel as though I fail to do justice to the feelings she has for me and that I have for her in return.

Life is difficult. We all know that. But why do we take it out on our loved ones? This is the person that is always, always there for me. That is there to catch me should I stumble. That is there for whatever choices I make.

Whilst I may have posted a blog about my beautiful wife lately, see My Sleeping Beauty, I still feel as though I do not tell her enough what she means for me and to me. I still do not just accept that sometimes things go wrong and that it is not her fault.

So why I continue to blame her for the things that go wrong? Is it as simple as her proximity to me and that she should, therefore, bear the brunt of my moods?

Somehow, I think not. But why isn’t this realization enough to stop getting upset and taking it out on her. You would think that I would treat her love as special. I know I should.

The main reason I write this is that I got angry yesterday and growled at my wife for it. This is unfair on her considering my love for her.

All I can say is that I love you.