A chill ran down Charlie’s spine every time the photo person used those words – my friend. There was an eeriness about them that turned Charlie’s stomach, but he nodded a reply and held his mouth tight. They felt just wrong, just plain wrong, coming out of this creature.
The globe is needed to be placed in the groove we left after the retrieval of the frame, spoke Cliff.
There is was again. That strange way of talking. Sentences that do not quite work and no understanding how to say things. It was like getting one of those telemarketing calls from overseas where English is not their native language. Everything that comes out does make sense but only after considering it for a second. Cliff did a lot of that. Lots of extra words for no reason. In this day and age, the English language seems to be getting truncated more and more, but Cliff adds words. That just isn’t right!

Yeah, I remember the groove. What about the extra wiring?
Given the quality and quantity of said such wiring, I am of a mind to ask you to be replacing some of the more inferior bits of external wiring to be better suited for the purpose of this experiment. It is to be making the machine better for its said purpose, should it become operational in the short term. If, after replacing said such wiring on the external frame, that we have some of this wiring left, and then I may be asking you, if you could, to be replacing some of the internal wiring on the inside as well. Is this acceptable to you?
Um, yeah, okay.
If you are ready to be continued then I will download the schematics to you.
This bit still freaked Charlie out. Early on, he had been told of the method of imparting instructions. It was not in the way of diagrams or through spoken commands from the photo interface. Charlie needed to put his finger on the photo and instantaneously they were in his head, ready to be used. They even felt like they were his original thoughts. His brain and finger tingled after doing it though. Itched like a proverbial bitch for an hour or so after it.