I have recently discovered that a friend of mine has landed in prison. At this time, I do not know why or for how long.
But it made me wonder whether my opinion of this friend had changed due to his circumstance. Does it make him a lesser person for ending up ‘inside’? Is he a person of low moral fibre or just damned unlucky?

Somwehere in the Bible it mentions that the Devil works on your doubts until they can sometimes overwhelm you. What happens to a person who has become overwhelmed by their own doubts? It is a simple answer really – they made mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes may be inconsequential in the scheme of things, but sometimes these mistakes can have impact.
If these mistakes have hurt, seriously hurt, no-one else, are they really a badder person than they were before or just lost? I know there are people out there that will claim that all crimes hurt somebody. It is the nature of crimes that people are hurt. But some crimes do not kill or maim people. These are the crimes I mean.
I did not know this person for very long but we became fast friends and I could see a good person in there. It is just wrapped up in a very lost soul. I feared for him before I got a Christmas card last year, but I know that in prison he is probably safer than he would be as a by-product of the outside world.
Is he bad? Do I think less of him? No. I wish more than anything that the Devil would get off his back and give him the chance to shine and grow into the person he should become.
We all have our impressions of prison and I bet most of them are negative. But do you think that somebody can be saved by going to prison?
I do think this and I hope this is the case for my friend.
I miss you, buddy.