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(Part 8 written by me with the Ebers papyrus making a re-appearance.)

In that instant, all the joy from the manual labour was dispelled. Guilt slunk in and punched him square in the guts. To forget about his sick wife was not fair on her, and even though he argued with himself that he was doing this for her, he also knew he was avoiding her.

The sooner I get this flipping (Irene had never liked swearing) machine fixed and running, then the sooner I can get Irene fixed. Then I can forgive myself for neglecting her.

By instinct, Irene was there behind him, waiting patiently. Whenever she surprised him klie this, she always brought something good with her. This time it was her lemonade – one of his personal favourites. Kissing her hard on the forehead, he took the glass and drank heartily, almost finishing it.

I know that you are doing this for me, hon. I know it’s hard to see me like this. But it will over soon and we can go back to the way we used to be. I don’t blame you. Get the machine done. Then all will be good, whispered Irene.

A tear formed in his eye, which he brusquely brushed away. Well, back to it then, he replied.

Yes, hon. Back to it.

And then, just like that, it was finished. As the final re-wiring and solder spot set, he stepped back to survey his handy work. The machine looked ungainly, complicated and complex, but the On switch still looked like an On switch. Charlie thought about flipping it to see if all his hard work had amounted to anything, but he knew Cliff would want to test the device first.

A flash caught his eye. It was the Ebers Papyrus – glowing and hovering ever so slightly off the table. Moving over to it, he stared at it but could not bring himself to touch it. The hieroglyphics were now floating above the paper as well, creating a 3D effect. As he watched, the hieroglyphs starting to move until they created a little whirlpool.