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(Part 9 written by me.)

Pages then separated from the rest of the thick papyrus. The whirlpool grew faster and faster and, all of a sudden, hierglyphs were flying around the room. Some hit the walls sliding down it whilst others hit the ceiling sounding like pancakes hitting the floor. Splat, splat, splat.

Some remained, but not in their original position. They re-arranged themselves to create a new structure of hierglyphs. This created a problem of its own, as Charlie had found a translation of the whole papyrus on the internet. He had not studied ancient Egyptian but had a gut feeling that he may need to.

More bloody delays, he growled. Now I’ll need to work out what happened here. Great, just great.

Charles, is everything okay with you?

And that just makes my day better, Charlie thought as he turned his attention to the photo. Cliff, how are you today?

That is of very little consequence. Could you be doing me the favour of explaining your situation to me please?

Well, yeah, okay. The dang pages of that Egyptian paper just exploded everywhere for no reason. It just sort of went crazy and there are hieroglyphs all over my basement! Like little bit of papers scattered everywhere.

He picked one up to show Cliff. It felt strange, different, and not at all like paper or ink. Alien, he thought, more stinkin’ alien in my life. As he stared back at the photo, he saw something unexpected. Cliff was looking excited, geniunely excited.

Charles, pick me up and take me to the Ebers Papyrus right now please.

Well, there ain’t that much left anymore. It’s sorta disintigrated itself. Must only be a couple of pages left really, and all the shapes are out of order now.

Charles, take me to the Papyrus now please if you will.

Hold on to your britches and don’t blame me. I didn’t do nothing.

The case may be, Charles, that you have done everything. You may have done everything very right.