Yes, you heard it here, folks. For a day or two, the 365 Story goes on the backburner. It will come back with a nice, new summary page so that you do not have to read the entire story so far. It seems to come to me in chunks big enough to break into three days. So watch out for it.

This does not mean that I am having a break from my Project365. Oh, no. No siree, bub!! I’ve got one for tomorrow already entitled ‘What if Happiness was a Liquid Measurement’. Please come along and have a look at that one.

As for the story, I had a really good idea from Nae’s Nest. It’s a little bit tricky but I already have an inkling of an idea for it. The idea? Well, let me just reprint it – “Perhaps you could do a commentary on random postings of other participants? Maybe one inspires you, or you form an unique opinion after viewing a photograph posted by someone in our group.”

A good one, huh? Find a way to mention some of the other Project 365 blogs whilst maintaining the story? Hmmmm. Yes, mmmm. So now you see why I need time to think!!

I hope you enjoy tomorrow’s piece and don’t forget you can always drop me a comment (on any post) if you have a suggestion for the 365 Story. They are truly welcome.

So until next time, keep your shoelaces tied up!!