What if you had just one litre of emotion that you could use for every day of your life? How would you use it? Once you decide that, in what proportions would you use it?
One single, solitary litre from which to pull your entire emotional quota for the day. It does not sound like that much, does it? Let me make it sound even less. Imagine all of those emotions that you go through in one single day. Love, happines, awe, hate, anger and sadness are all mixed in together. What if you chose, unconsciously, how much of each came out?

So, let’s say you are having a good day. No, a great day. Would you use the entire litre up on happiness for that particular day? How about showing that someone special some love for the day? Okay, we change our mix – 900ml on that good, solid happiness and 100ml for some love.
But what happens if that something – that one little thing that always seems to get in the way – happens? How much of your precious litre of emotion are you going to waste on that? I would bet, and almost guarantee, that it take up much too much and before you know it, it has swallowed 100, 200, 300ml of your quota before you catch it running rampant. Do you catch it? Do you manage to stop it if you have caught it?
How do I know this? How do I know what it’s like to have this happen? Simple, really – from experience.
I turn from good to bad very quickly and always realise, too late mind you, that it has drained that delicate pool of life. Before I know it, it has gone.
Before I know it, it has ruined days. Good days turn bad. Bad days turn into something even worse.
That does not mean that only I suffer. I wish it were that simple. In fact, everybody in my general vicinty suffers. Family most of the time, but friends as well sometimes.
So please be careful with how you use your litre of emotion. Like water itself, it is a precious commodity. Please do not be like me and waster it on bad or negative emotions.
None of us have time for that.