How would you complete this caption?

20120105-224303.jpgI Lost Everything and Found It Again at the?

I saw this in a shopping centre and found myself almost disgusted. Consumerism goes philosophical!?! Is it time to start learning our life lessons whilst we shop for the latest and greatest object, dress, pair of shoes that we really do not need. Doesn’t that rather ruin the feng shui of the shopping centre?

They are meant to be cold, heartless places. So why make us think? If we start thinking, we might stop consuming!!

I have been lost and found on at least one occasion, but hopefully for the last time. I am glad to say that I did not find myself in a shopping centre but sad to say that it was not me that found me. When I was lost, I made some bad mistakes, but it was the love of a wonderful woman that found me again. She taught me how to swim again in this life, and to stop drowning. She taught me how to read the tide and plot the best course through it. With her by my side, plotting our course together is easy.

I am happy to say that that wonderful woman is my wife. So my version of the riddle is: I lost everything and Found it again in the arms of my beautiful woman. I realise that I cheated, but it’s my blog so I can.