I have one more post that I want to share before I give you the next bit of the 365 Story. The other side of this coin is that I still have not written it yet!! So if you still want to share an idea with me, you had better get in quick.

The other thing I still haven’t done is the Summary version of the 365 Story. I am thinking that I will create another page for that alone. That way you will have the choice between the full story on the The 365 Story – Long Version page or just a quick version. I promise to make sure it is a shorter version of it. Maybe less than half and, if you are really lucky, maybe only a quarter the size.

Anyway, tomorrow’s post is about Daring the Universe. Have you ever done that? Have a look and see if you agree with me.

So that’s it. My quick update on having done absolutely nothing. So that means tomorrow is a busy day. Hurrah!!