Does the thought of packing up house and moving scare you? Does the idea of starting fresh and new in a new house frightening? Have you settled so much in the house that you are worried about putting all that ‘stuff’ into boxes?

I’m not. There is something liberating about reducing all your stuff down to the bare minimum. It allows you to work out what is absolutely necessary in life and what you really need to survive day to day.

There comes a time when things need to change. We have reached that point that if we don’t go then we might go crazy. The shop takes up so much of our energy that we need an outlet but we do not find that outlet here.

So we have made the big decision to move. How far and when are still unknown but the initial choice has been made and wheels are now in motion. It becomes about what to take and how little we can pack.

Hopefully we have just enough stuff to survive. Much like being in a permanent traveling mode. The less stuff we have the freer we will be. It comes down to finding happiness in what life throws at us, instead of how much materialistic stuff we have collected.

How can you be free at accept life if you are encumbered by the everyday? Do you really need it? Next time you go shopping, have a look at that next item you are buying and think ‘do I really need this to make my life better?’

If the answer is no, then what is it that you really need? I need to live my life as completely as I can, and I do not believe I can do that with ‘stuff’. I always have some stuff but I have learnt to economize!

Bare necessities. This is what I need. That and love and to live. Moving is not only good for your head but mandatory for your heart and soul.