Woohoo. Thank you all for getting me to 1000 big hits. This is a fascinating journey and to find people that like what I do has been brilliant.

Firstly I need to thank my incredible wife for her inspirational photos. They always make me see something bigger, better, more than just an ordinary photo. She has the most amazing eyes ( oh and beautiful eyes as well ). check it out yourself at See With New Eyes.

Next I’d like to thank the powers that be for their ever continuing belief in me and the support they give me to keep moving every day. There are lots of things happening in our life together that keeps us excited.

Last but in no way least, I thank you for coming and taking a glance, staying to read or even somewhere in between. Thank you for coming and taking a look. I hope you like and agree with me most of the time. If not please let me know.

Now that I’ve finished with my Oscars speech, I will let you all get back to normal transmission.