(Part 10 written by me.)

You may be of need to do some hard work now I am afraiding. There will need to be some deciphering of the new structures of the hieroglyphs. These will be needing to be worked out before we can be continuing on the building of the machine, as what is left are the instructions for the operation of the said machine. Obviously, they are integral to the process of its operations.
Yeah, Cliff. I get it. But why has it done this? Was it expected?

Charles, after the research we have done on the Ebers Papyrus, we had no inclination of knowing what would happen when it was in the vicinity of the complete machinery. It was an unexpected result that we could not cater for as it was outside the boundaries of our calculations.
So the short version of that is you had now flipping idea?
Charles, that would be correct in your assumption. We could not ascertain enough data…
Yeah, yeah. I get it still.
As Charlie spoke that last sentence, his antique of a computer hummed into life and loaded up quicker than he had ever seen. Usually the process took so long he went a made coffee waiting for it, but this time it was ready in seconds.
Uh, Cliff? You there still?
Charles, the contact between our two points has not been interrupted therefore I am still in contact with you, yes.
My computer is going.
Charles, what is wrong with that logic? We have computers running processes almost in a constant state here. It is all necessary for maintaining the contact between yourself and myself.
My computer does not go. I broke it last time and have not been able to fix it.
The glowing Ebers Papyrus grew more luminescent and rocking side to side, like a leaf falling from a tree.