(Part 11 written by me.)

The rocking stopped, unexpected and all of a sudden. It caused Charlie to suck in some breath in surprise. The air changed, became electrified. Something was happening and Charlie found it difficult to catch his breath as the air felt toxic, wrong.
It moved. Only a fraction, but Charlie could swear that it moved. He held his breath, waiting, but it took time and then it did it again. In the same direction, even if it was only by a fraction. Towards the old computer now running like a quantum computer, processing far beyond its capabilities. Again. The time gap between the two moves was decreasing. This time it seemed to pick up impetus and followed the factional move with another. It was only seconds this time. The move was followed by yet another only a second later.
Now it was in constant state of motion. An ancient medical paper from Egypt was floating across his basement towards his old computer at an ever increasing rate of knots. Just as it reached the computer it stopped, turned and completed another circuit of the inside airspace.
As it reached the computer for a second time, it butted against the screen, as if trying to get into it. It was refused entry as is to be expected. But the papyrus did not want to except this as an answer as it started a third rotation of the room, climbing higher than previous occasions. But it did not stop this time, continuing a fourth then a fifth rotation at almost the height of the ceiling.
It was now moving so fast that Charlie was having trouble keeping an eye on it. Pieces of the ancient paper floating down much like snow. He was surprised that anything was left of it, as the wind shear was ripping it apart.