365 / 26: The 365 Story Part 12

(Part 12 contains the beginning of an idea from Nae’s Nest where she asked me to do a commentary on random posting from the Project 365 group.)

But then Charlie felt a change in the wind current. The papyrus was lowering itself during this rotation. It seemed to be one a collision course with it, attempting to force its way inside the metal box. The old man’s hair whipped around as the papyrus streaked past him.
It hit the computer with the full force it had obtained. Paper snow and hieroglyphs filled the air yet again, but when the dust settled all that was left of the papyrus was tiny shards of air with the consistency of ash. It was no more.

Charlie picked up a handful of the ash, blowing at it. His dreams of fixing Irene were like the ash on the air – particles of nothing that would be fix anything. Turning in anger to kick out at the machine, he realised that the computer had survived the encounter. A mountain of paper, shredded, desiccated, stood on each side of it.
It was alive, Charlie felt like yelling. It was also working. The internet, a place that left Charlie feeling daunted every time he looked, was showing in his browser. Even from this distance, he could see one of the hieroglyphs on the screen. Examining the screen, he saw a blog. He hated blogs, thinking that it was all about people complaining about their lives. But this one was different, as it had photos. It belonged to someone called See With New Eyes on a site called wordpress. They were beautiful photos that lightened his heart and filled him with joy. As he flicked between pages, he saw a post had a hieroglyph on each side of the title of the post.
Opening the page he saw a photo of a drying swamp. The hieroglyphs stood out to him though. He trying to guess what they meant. In the end he decided to look at the words in between them. They were ‘a grain of salt’.

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