Today is a sad day for me, as I am having to walk away from something that I put my heart and soul into. It has been a grand adventure but it proved to be one that could not sustain us. It all started some fifteen months ago as a way to learn something different.

Whilst the business does well, it is time for a new challenge, which leaves me feeling more than somewhat despondant by it all. I look around at my little shop and it is with a twinge of disaapointment knowing that it will be my final hours here.

There are some things that I will not miss – the hot days as we have no airconditioning, the constant stresses around ordering and money, but there are so many things that have made it worthwhile. The helping of people that would and have become friends to myself and my wife. The looks, the nods, the smiles, as you walk down the street and everybody knows you as the guy that runs the computer shop; that guy that actually does a good job of fixing things.

The people that would come in just to say hello, or to play with our cat. And yes, before you ask, we used to bring our cat into the shop. She became our mascot in a lot of ways. The kids loved watching her run around the shop in one of her mad frenzies and climbing the pole in the middle of the shop.

So I am here counting down the hours before I lock the door for the last time. It has been hard work, a struggle but a lot of fun at the same time. I am sorry I cannot be more optimistic today, but today is a sad day.