Are our lives like grains of sand? I prefer to think that my memories are. With that, I like to imagine those grains of sand scattered on my own private beach. Each grain that I pick up contains a memory that is played back to me.

It would be random. I would not know which memory that I would get and could be a good one or a bad one. But I know that each grain of sand, each memory, has brought me to the place I am today.

Each memory has made me. Turned me into the person that I am. Each has made me choose a direction and that has led me to here. Future memories will led me other directions as is the wont of life.

But for now I will walk on my beach feeling the grains of sand between my toes knowing that I have done the best that I could. I will not be insignificant and turn into a grain of sand to lay amongst the waste.

My life is to be lived and every so often I will walk this beach. Remembering. Feeling. Knowing. Loving.