This is really a cheating little blog post mainly to fill my requirements for Project365. Yes, yes, I know. Not really what you want to see but I am not ready to give up on my project yet!

The big problem that we are experiencing at the moment is the moving into our new house, which has required lots, and I do mean lots, of travelling and even some unpacking.

I promise, in the next day or so, to get back on schedule with my posts. I will even try to make them interesting even! Maybe I will even fill you in on some of the other details and things that are happening around us.

Until then forgive me for not doing you right and short changing somewhat but I will get there.

If you want I might even get my 365 story going again. But that one I will leave up to you. You need to let me know about that by supplying me with some new ideas. Come on be creative!