Yes I know I said I was going to get myself organized and start writing my daily post earlier but today is not the day that it is going to happen.

Today was a small round trip of some 500 kilometers to take the truck back, which really made me weary by the time ingot back home.

In fact, we did some grocery shopping and I walked through looking much like a zombie. I could barely think of putting one foot in front of the other let alone thinking of stuff that we need to get the house running.

After some food I have bounced back into life but I can already tell that it will not last long. Both the wife and I are fighting exhaustion, so now the world needs to just slow down for a week or two, let us catch our breath then ramp up again.

Let us a couple of days please! So that’s it really as a status update. Lots to do and not much computer time. That reminds me we really need to get the Internet on. It’s too difficult typing these posts on an iPhone.

Until then adios. Oh, I have been getting lots of suggestions for the 365 story so there should be an update to that as well. See you on the other side.