So today I am trying a different tack. Instead of the day passing me by and not having done my post for the day I have found a little time to start one early. It is just after ten in the morning, which I think is a bit better than starting at ten in the evening.

But still I have not caught up or got ahead of myself. That is the plan. Really. I have a plan. When I started my Project365 I had a blitz and ended up with about eight posts to pick and choose from. Those and the story made this seem like a simple challenge.

But then we had quite a few things happen as you would know if you a regular reader. If you are not here is the one sentence roundup. We closed out shop and moved towns – all in less than two weeks. I have some studying to do for a potential job, which has gone on the back burner but needs to be finished.

Aside from all of that, it makes life constantly exciting. But even better than that it makes it interesting. I could imagine having a dull life any more. I do not want a dull life any more.

I want life to be everything it can be. If that requires changing towns and closing our shop then so be it. Let’s chase the dream of a great life. No, I do not want to chase a good life. I want to make a great life with my wife and family holding my hand.

That’s it. I am not going to be chased. I am going to make and create the life I want. What a fine dream to have!