I am annoyed by people’s attitudes. You can do so much for them and they still do not see that you are doing a lot for them.

I have a case in point but I will not share it as it will only get that person more upset. Why is it that they think they can constantly chew away at you, telling you that everything you do is wrong but expect you to just take it?

It seems as though I need to conform. Change who I am to fit their view of me, which strikes as strange as I am sure the view that they had of me before was who I am. But no.

It is not good enough to be the person I was. I need to someone better than that, different than that. But what happens if I like this version of me that they now want to change?

So that is why I’m annoyed. Nothing I seem to do is good enough or right enough for them. Well they are going to need to accept it very quickly as I am over making changes for someone else.